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About Parenting

Am I ready to be a parent?

The answer to this question does not come in one word. If you want to parent your child, there is no doubt about it- your life will be very different. A child can bring lots of joy into your life, but there will also be lots of worries and hard work. There will be good times and bad times.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself. There are no wrong answers. At your appointment at the Pregnancy Resource Center, we will be happy to discuss all your questions with you.

Think about your life:

*If I am in school, can I look after a child and keep up with classes too?
If I have paid work, can I look after a child and keep my job too?
*Can I work out daycare for my child?
*If I parent, I will have to sacrifice some of my social life. Am I mature enough to do that?
*What plans do I have that will have to change?
*What plans should I keep?
*It costs a lot to raise a child. There is food, a bed, diapers and clothes, a stroller, medicines, etc. *Will I make enough money?
*Will I be willing to accept help from various community resources?
*Can I look after a child where I live now? Will I have to move?
*Children need care when they are little, but also as they grow up. Am I ready to be a supportive and loving parent for over 18 years of my life, starting now?
*Am I willing to make it work?

Think about your child:

*Do I like to do things with children?
*Do I like to play the same games that children do?
*Do I want a child to be “just like me”? Would I be upset if it was not?
*Would I try to teach my child about right and wrong? Am I ready to be a living example of my teaching?
*Do I think it would make me happy to see my child grow up?
*Do I want a child so that I will not be lonely now or when I grow older?
*Do I want a boy or a girl? Would I mind if I didn’t get what I wanted?
*Do I think that my child should make my life happy, or that I should make my child’s life happy?
*Am I willing to sacrifice for the good of my child?

Think about being a parent:

*How much do I like children? Do they get on my nerves?
*Will I be strict or soft with my child? What is too strict? What is too soft?
*How well do I get along with my own parents?
*What will I do that is different from my parents?
*How would I make sure that my child is well and safe? How do I take care of myself?
*Do I know where to get help in the community, if I need it?

Think about the child’s father:

*If I have a partner, does he know that I am pregnant?
*Does he want to be a parent?
*Has he fathered other children?
*Are things really good between us?
*Are we both willing to give a child a good home?
*Will I get upset if he seems to give more love to our child than to me?
*Will he get upset if I seem to give more love to our child than to him?
*What if one of us wants a child and the other does not?
*If he does not want to parent, am I willing to look after a child and raise it by myself?

If all of these questions make it sound hard to be a good parent, you are right. It is not easy. It is not wrong to want to keep your child, and you get 9 months to work out the details of how you are going to provide for your child. It is also not wrong if you decide that you are not ready to parent and would like to place your child in an adoptive home. Only you can decide what is best for you.

We encourage you to talk to people who will give you support while you make up your mind. Call the PRC and make an appointment to speak with one of our compassionate and understanding client advocates.