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ReNew Student Testimonial

A letter from a former ReNew student:

As a student participating in an abstinence training class, I was informed about many real life problems that can come from decisions students don’t often consider. The classes were always appropriate, and did not dismiss any vital subjects. I found the classes to be very organized and effective at teaching students things like the multiple forms of contraceptives and that sexually transmitted diseases could be viral or bacterial. I realized that other students were learning many important topics because of what they would talk about after class. It is my belief that the course effectively teaches the importance of abstinence,  demonstrates potential consequences of pre-marital sex, and teaches teenagers to avoid peer pressure with both drugs and sex.

Abstinence means avoiding sex before marriage as well as drugs and alcohol. We learned that this is important because it can keep us safe from a plethora of STD’s. It can also keep our future partners safe and our future children. Another benefit of abstinence is that you can be one-hundred percent sure to avoid teenage pregnancy. As teenagers we are not in any position to care for another life.
As previously stated, there was a lot of new information given in these classes. Students were unaware how some STD’s are transmitted and which are incurable. This type of information is very important for students to make good decisions about their bodies, their relationships, and their futures. An unforseen consequence of pre-marital sex is that you have to one day tell the person you married your sexual history. Coming to this realization would make students reconsider in the midst of a bad decision.
The abstinence course also taught students to say no to peer pressure. In high school it can be very easy to do something because everyone else is or to look “cool.” However, we learned about gateway drugs, the long term effects of drugs, how they can affect relationships, and how they can get in the way of goals.

Personally, this class taught me numerous things about being a safe person that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. It also helped me realize that after high school I want to help people learn about their bodies to be safe and avoid STD’s. While participating in this class, I watched other students learn things that are applicable to real life and use to make better decisions throughout life.