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Our Services

We provide information to help you make informed decisions about pregnancy, sexual health and relationships. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

When you walk through the doors of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Henry County, you will receive the best information and services possible at no charge to you so that you can reach competent decisions. You will also be greeted by someone who is ready to:

■ Serve You with Compassion and Understanding
■ Provide You with Accurate Information
■ Listen to Your Concerns

Contact us at 770-957-8288 or Text us at 470-253-4485.

Our Call Center is open 24/7. Please call 800-712-HELP for immediate assistance and to Schedule Appointments when Pregnancy Resource Center is closed.

Information you share will be received with respect and courtesy, without judgment, ridicule, or rejection. All information shared will be held in strict and absolute confidence, except in the rare exceptions where prohibited by law.

To make an appointment to speak with a peer-counselor, give us a call or use our online appointment booking page. This is a very important time in your life. We offer confidential support to help you define your unique situation and find resources to create positive solutions to the issues you are facing, all in a compassionate, non-judgmental setting.

Our services include:

■ Earn While You Learn Program (Practical assistance with baby items through a points system)
■ Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound
■ Options Counseling
■ Pregnancy Tests
■ Referrals
■ STD/STI Testing
■ Peer Counseling